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Making your own online encyclopedia has never been easier! Just follow a few steps and you can have a world of information at your fingertips. Best Free Wiki offers many features that you won’t find with other wiki software applications — including PDF versions of articles and an auto-save feature to help prevent breaking your page in case you need to step away for a short period!

Here is my short list of free wiki software. These are the best free wiki software programs I could find to date. I hope you find them helpful. Note: If you upgrade your free wiki software from a previous version, you may need to import your wikis from your old server to the new one.


Wiki.js: Src (self)

Wiki.js is our first pick here because it is an enterprise-grade Wiki engine with dozens of features and options. It exceeds other engines in performance, features, and customizations.

In, We are using it to organize our projects documents and keep track of our learning activities.

Wiki.js is a modular system with a large set of modules and extensions. As its community grows, expect more add-ons to be added there.

The other thing that we like about Wiki.js is that we run it locally on our devices: Linux, macOS and Windows.


The highly versatile DokuWiki is open-source, which is known for its simplicity and effectiveness while documenting. It does not need a database and is rejoiced by developers and users alike for its readable and clean syntax. Other points that go in favor of DokuWiki are easy maintenance, integration, and backup.

It also comes with built-in authentication connectors and access controls that make it even more useful for enterprises. DokuWiki’s vibrant community has contributed a wide range of plugins for multiple use cases beyond a traditional wiki. You can easily add new pages and update them quickly.

The developers have designed DokuWiki to be an effective tool for collaboration and maintaining a record of all the changes made. The different use cases of DokuWiki are:

  • Software manual
  • Knowledge base
  • Private notebook
  • CMS – intranet
  • Project workspace

DokuWiki provides you with lots of advantages such as ease of installation, has fewer system requirements, lots of extensions, built-in access controls, 50+ language support, and device independence. It enables easy configuration and offers lots of templates and plugins.

If you need DokuWiki on the cloud, then you can try Kamatera, who offers one-click installation and give you an option to host in 13 datacenters worldwide.


Slite is the wiki tool for thousands of growing companies around the world, and of course, it’s our #1. With a clean and clutter-free interface, and features built specifically for remote communication, Slite is the best place to share knowledge with your team.

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There’s a time and a place for modesty.

Some of our favorite Slite wiki features:

  • Writing stays simple – you don’t need a tutorial to get started. Just create a doc and go.
  • Powerful editor – format, draw, highlight, and embed to your heart’s content
  • Simultaneous editing – unlimited team members can edits docs at the same time.
  • Personal welcome screen – the “Good morning” screen highlights wiki content that’s relevant to you
  • Smart search – it learns which docs you use most, and features recently-used docs
  • Template library – we include 80+ wiki templates you can use for free
  • Tons of Integrations – connects with all your favorite tools for embeds and easy linking
  • Flexible pricing – great for teams of any size, especially ones that are growing

Pricing: When you get started with Slite, you can create an account for free without any strings attached. It’s a great option for individuals or small teams that don’t need a huge range of features.If you want to use our software to its full potential, our Standard plan costs $6.67 USD per user per month. Even better, you only pay for what you use (that means members active within the past 30 days). It includes unlimited documents, read-only permissions, administrator rights, a usage dashboard, and an enforced Google single sign-on.



TiddlyWiki has been my favorite wiki on this list, It is an open-source portal one-file wiki that does not even require install. Despite its simple use and look, it has a rich list of features, plugins, and themes.

TiddlyWiki can be customized and modified according as required; however, some customization requires the user to dive deep in documentation and has a good coding experience.


MediaWiki was created by senior scientists in the year 2002. It is an open-source and free wiki software that empowers thousands of sites, organizations, and companies. It includes popular wikis like Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wiktionary, and many more.


MediaWiki helps collect knowledge, organize it, and then make knowledge available to all. The software is powerful, extensible, reliable, and multilingual. It is written in PHP, which makes it easy to get it started on the LAMP stack. It has already been deployed extensively for years; it is now one of the most robust wiki solutions available in the market.

MediaWiki comes with useful features and organization options that make it a great choice for the enterprise wiki. You have the option of customizing with the help templates and add more functionalities by installing useful extensions.


Notion is a multi-use workspace that’s more than just a wiki – it can manage several different kinds of workflows from one centralized location.

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Standout Notion features:

  • Ability to customize views from Wiki to Kanban to Notes
  • API for total customization
  • Free version for individuals
  • Task management capabilities
  • 500+ embeddable apps
  • Block-based editor that makes text and images easy to move around

Pricing: Notion has two personal plans and two business plans. The free Personal plan is free for up to one person and allows up to five guests. The $4 Personal Pro plan includes unlimited file uploads and unlimited guests. The Team plan costs $8 per person per month, and includes the same features as the Pro Plan, plus advanced permissions and admin tools. Enterprise pricing requires a sales call.


It might seem paradoxical that the word “wiki” suggests both powerful, yet simple software. However this has become a reality, as Wiki Wiki Web has received critical acclaim from numerous sources.

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