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Best Free Open Source Backup Software for Windows

There are many Windows backup applications out there but not all of them are good. Some even fill your system with unwanted spyware and adware. The following list of the best free open source backup software for Windows has been created by our experts after a long research and to the best of our abilities.

Have you heard of the term open source? It comes from the realm of software development and means that the source code that makes up a computer program is freely available to be studied, changed and shared. From backing up your data to protecting it from cyber-attacks, you’ll find 5 choices for some of the best free open source backup software for Windows.


Paragon lets users back up files, disks, and volumes. Users can decide to backup all at once or one at a time.  Users can select the OS partition to be backed up.  In case of an operating system crash, the backup recovers it easily. Paragon allows clients to define and custom new backup parameters and strategies. Users can underline the needed backup type, retention, frequency of backup, backup schedule, and scenario-based backups by themselves.

Paragon backup software, backup software



  • Schedule Backup
  • Disk space management
  • Version control
  • Mount archives by setting a drive letter
  • Browse like a normal disk on PC
  • Recover separate files
  • boot the system from a bootable USB stick
  • Restore your entire OS
  • Backup all installed programs and user settings
  • Backup all data within the WinPE environment.


Duplicati software is supported by all kinds of OS such as Windows, MacOs and Linux, as well as a range of standard protocols, including SS, FTP, cloud services and WebDAV. Strong encryption is needed for the user’s recommendation to find its solution. It is also licensed under the GPL and most of the users have the ability to store encrypted, incremental, compressed backups on cloud storage servers and remote file servers. For Addition, the software offers a range of options, transfer, including filters, deletion rules and bandwidth options to run backups for certain resources.


UrBackup is an open source backup system for file and image backups. It can create a backup of the running system without interrupting the current processes. Currently, there are over 21,000 running UrBackup server instances. It is free software licensed under the OSI certified AGPLv3+. Clients adhering to the terms and conditions of the license are allowed to use and redistribute UrBackup for personal and commercial purposes.

Urbackup backup software, free backup software



  • Auto-update enabled
  • Backup for Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD
  • Incremental image backup
  • File backups even while the file is running
  • Consistent backups of files on Windows and Linux
  • Checks for duplication and the same files on different computers are saved only once
  • Users can define their settings like backup frequency or number of backups
  • Users are alerted if no backup is taken for some time
  • Web interface that provides the status of the clients
  • Reports about backups sent to users or administrators
  • Secure and efficient backups
  • Metadata is also backed up
  • Easy to use file and image restore
  • Easy to configure and use
  • E-Mail alerts if the backup is not taken for a configurable amount of time


Here, Iperius software is used for PCs and Servers backup processes. This holds two types of solutions such as business and advanced. Simultaneously, this software helps in back-uping data in a stable and reliable manner. It is software with a free version and no license expiration.


bacula logo

Bacula is an enterprise level computer backup system that can work in a range of networks, which offers an open source option. The provider supports Linux, UNIX, FreeBSD, MacOS, OpenBSD, Solaris, and Windows backup users. Administrators and operators can configure the system through a command line console, GUI or web interface. The majority of Bacula’s source code is licensed under AGPLv3. The provider offers two versions of the software’ one is enterprise and the other is the more basic community edition.


AOMEI  is a free backup software for the backup needs of your Windows PC. Users can create a system backup, file backup, file sync of their computer system. It is also a disaster recovery tool to restore Windows in case of OS failure. It can also do disk cloning for upgrading HDD to SSD. It’s easy to operate, and anyone with no technical knowledge can also use it. Clients can use AOMEI without the need for any specific technical skills or knowledge.

AOMEi backupper backup software



  • Backup all contents in system drive
  • Backup Windows operating system too
  • Customize settings
  • Backup to external hard drive, NAS, USB flash drive network drive.
  • Multi-backup files/folders
  • Backup all kinds of hard drives such as external disk, internal disk, USB flash drive, the hard drive on NAS, SD card and other storage devices recognized by Windows
  • Instead of taking a backup of the entire disk, Backup only specified partitions or volume
  • Backup multiple partitions to a compressed image file
  • Incremental or differential backup strategy
  • Schedule to automatically backup
  • Clone your hard drive to another HDD or SSD
  • Sync files from one location to another on a regular basis
  •  real-time sync files Sync files to external drive, SD card, USB flash drive, mapped network drive, etc


clonezilla logo

Clonezilla is open source backup software from Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition, based DRBL. The primary mechanism of the solution includes image partition, partial clone, and udpcast, as well as bare metal backup and recovery udpcast. There are two versions of Clonezilla are available: Clonezilla live for single machine backup and restore, and Clonezilla SE for a server. In addition to this, the tool saves and restores only used blocks in the hard disk.

Timeshift is a backup utility for Linux that is similar to System Restore for Windows and Time Capsule for MacOS. According to its GitHub repository, “Timeshift protects your system by taking incremental snapshots of the file system at regular intervals. These snapshots can be restored at a later date to undo all changes to the system.”


Amanda Logo

Amanda, (short for the Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver), is a backup solution that enables IT admins to set up a single master backup server to back up multiple hosts over network to tape drives, changers, disks, or optical media. Amanda uses native utilities and formats, (such as dump or GNU tar), and can back up a large number of servers and workstations running multiple versions of Linux or Unix. Additionally, the provider uses a native Windows client to back up Microsoft Windows desktops and servers.


There are dozens of backup applications for Windows – many of them are proprietary and cost money. This article looks at the most popular open source ones, and provides a brief explanation of why they’re different than commercial backup software.

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