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Best Free App Builder Without Coding 2022

This is a revolution of all app companies. The most powerful tool to build a mobile app without coding is coming to the market. We have been struggling to find an app that is convenient but has all the features we have in our hand now, it has never been until now. This tool is revolutionary for app creators and for users of this innovative platform.

Appmakr helps you create your own mobile apps without coding! We have a suite of the most powerful features including push notifications, screen scraping, database integration, IOT integration and much more than any other app builder in the market. Signup and create your first app in minutes by choosing from our library of graphics or use one of our stock photos. After you build an app, you simply need to download it to your phone and customize it.

 Appy Pie Offers Attractive Templates For Business-Oriented Apps

[Source: Appy Pie]

Wildly popular among developers of simple, business-oriented mobile apps, cloud-hosted Appy Pie requires no programming skills at all.

In fact, this tool’s process of creating appealing and functional apps is the result of the producers’ survey which they used to understand their users’ needs.

As a result of that input, Appy Pie has tons of pre-defined templates and features that provide an enviable level of customization.

Users can integrate photo galleries from image-oriented channels such as Instagram and Flickr to add pizzaz to mobile-friendly website versions in a matter of minutes.

Built-in templates cover a range of different industries, such as dating apps, restaurant apps, church management apps and more.

Key features:

  • Social media integration
  • Push notifications and event calendar
  • Drag and drop feature for building highly customized apps
  • No-code and no technical knowledge required
  • Google Analytics integration for real-time metrics

Supported platforms:

  • Android, iOS


Appy Pie is a free app builder. However, there are also three paid versions that come with advanced features:

  • Basic ($18/app/month)
  • Gold ($36/app/month)
  • Platinum ($60/app/month)


Top 8 native app builder tools

Developed by the giant tech Google, Flutter is a wise investment to make when it comes to native app builder tools.

This open-source application development framework is totally free to use. The codebase and built-in tools which Flutter opts mainly include C, C++, Dard, and Skia Graphics Engine. Furthermore, Flutter is also a commonly-used tool among developers thanks to its intuitive interface and great user experience. To gain such popularity, the toolkit has developed a set of fully-customizable widgets, hence, making the process of native app development super easy and quick.

Outstanding features:

  • Fast rendering and flexible design process.
  • Major native app items such as navigation, fonts, and icons in the widgets.
  • A foundation library.

Pricing Plan: Free.

Now that you’ve grasped a sound understanding of native apps, let’s get down to business with our comprehensive review of the top 8 best native app builders in 2022.

AppMySite Is A Platform For Building Apps Without Coding

[Source: AppMySite]

AppMySite converts existing websites into mobile apps in a user-friendly environment that doesn’t require any development and coding knowledge.

Understanding the importance of apps for businesses, this platform creates native apps for Android and iOS platforms that can be customized according to your brand’s identity and visuals.

AppMySite’s online app maker promises free app creation in a matter of minutes (plus an upgrade to one of the pricing plans to publish it) and a simple three-step launch.

Key features:

  • No coding needed
  • Premium features
  • Fast app delivery
  • Flexible subscription plans
  • Multi-platform support
  • Social media integration
  • Payment gateway support

Supported platforms:

  • Android and iOS


AppMySite is a free app builder. However, premium options are also available:

  • Starter ($9/month billed annually)
  • Pro ($19/month billed annually)


Top 8 native app builder tools: Mininest

As a well-known Magento business solution partner, Magenest has developed a wide range of useful extensions to keep up with the mobile app development trend. Among those, Mininest, the innovative Magento 2 native app builder for both iOS and Android versions has enjoyed positive reception from global users. 

Specifically, Mininest allows businesses to easily turn their potential website into a robust native mobile app. Based on Flutter, Google’s UI toolkit for high-quality mobile interfaces, both native app versions for iOS and Android guarantee a seamless experience for the users. On top of that, Mininest is totally free, which is a tailored solution for businesses of all sizes to open up various opportunities.

More unique features of Mininest include:

  • Allow users to customize pre-made templates to suit their branding
  • Support 6 main product types of Magento.
  • Allow social login.
  • Automatically send notifications, provide auto-suggestions, and voice search.
  • Generate coupons and discounts.
  • Support synchronization of data from mobile app to the Magento 2 website.
  • Auto-save when offline.

Pricing Plan: Free of charge.

AppstronautME Is A Mobile App Builder That Offers Great Customization Options

[Source: AppstronautME]

Using AppstronautME, developers and businesses can create apps within a matter of minutes. The platform requires no coding, however, you can personalize your app’s look and feel by editing its HTML and CSS.

All it takes is creating an account on the platform, uploading your own content and images and then publishing it.

What’s great about this app builder is that it offers great training and support and there is a well developed forum where members share different questions and answers.

Key features:

  • Over 110 templates and 100 features
  • In app purchases
  • Podcasts
  • Push notifications
  • Videos displaying and sharing
  • GPS and locations integration
  • Scanning QR codes

Supported platforms:

  • Android and iOS


AppstronautME is a free app builder that also has paid options:

  • Starter ($99/year)
  • Publisher ($29/month)
  • Publisher+ ($259/year)
  • Lifetime ($697)


Top 8 native app builder tools: NativeScript

NativeScript is a giant open-source mobile framework for the creation of native Android and iOS mobile apps. In detail, this native app builder uses TypeScript, JavaScript, and Vue.js and JavaScript as the main codebase for app development.

NativeScript is best-matched for various professional products and services such as performance analysis, in-person training, troubleshooting reports, and coding assistance. In addition, this tool is highly recommended among users as it comes with a set of cross-platform tools to easily handle app building.

Outstanding features:

  • Built-in themes.
  • A theme builder for user’s visual customizations.
  • Huge SCC styling system.
  • Direct access to Platform APIs from the code.

Pricing plan: Free of charge.


The best free app maker is finally here! The Best App Builder was built so that anyone can create a professional looking android, iPhone or Windows Phone app.

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