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There’s a lot of backup software out there, but which one do you use? Crashplan? Carbonite? Jungle Disk?  Dropbox? What if I told you there’s a really awesome one out there, and it IS open source? It has a nice laptop-style interface that is pretty uncluttered. It works just like any other backup tool I’ve used for the last few years, but it does have some nice extra features like the ability to do offsite backups through Amazon S3. That makes it a truly solid open source solution to backing up your data!

This software is an easy-to-use backup solution for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, which you can use to make one or more exact copies of your data, no matter whether it has been lost, destroyed or just unavailable during a convenient online storage. Whether you are a private person, who just wants to keep his valuable data safe, or a company that wants to protect its enterprise servers against disasters, this software is all that you may need.

Areca Backup

areca backup

Areca Backup is an open source personal backup solution, released under the General Public License (GPL). Users are enabled to select a set of files or directories to back up, choose where and how they will be stored, and configure post-backup actions. The software also provides encryption, compression, and splitting functionalities. Areca also allows customers to use advanced backup modes, such as delta backup, or produce a basic copy of their source files as a standard directory or zip archive. The solution is compatible with Linux and Windows.


AOMEI is a backupper Standard that provides a brief knowledge on user imaging, backup files, cloning disks, syncing files and to optimize scheduling. These types of tools are developed in both User server and Window PC. The data transfer and migration of OS is assessed easier using Clone Systems, Clone Disks and Clone Partitions. This provides various sets of backup processes which involve a backup system, backup files, syncing file, backup disks and backup of partitions.


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BackupPC is a fully cross-platform tool that can run on all operating systems, which is designed for enterprise use. The provider supports full file compression and uses a small amount of disk space. Additionally, BackupPC doesn’t need any client-side software to run. According to its website, the vendor is licensed under the GPLv3. The solution is freely available as open source on Github and SourceForge.


Duplicati software is supported by all kinds of OS such as Windows, MacOs and Linux, as well as a range of standard protocols, including SS, FTP, cloud services and WebDAV. Strong encryption is needed for the user’s recommendation to find its solution. It is also licensed under the GPL and most of the users have the ability to store encrypted, incremental, compressed backups on cloud storage servers and remote file servers. For Addition, the software offers a range of options, transfer, including filters, deletion rules and bandwidth options to run backups for certain resources.

Box Backup

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Box Backup offers encryption capabilities, as well as features that minimize bandwidth usage. It is a fully automatic online backup system which supports Linux. Backup data can be stored on the server and then quickly restored. Users also have the ability to choose optimized and documented if their files in a local server, or can be backed up in a live server. The tool also does not require any additional devices, such as tapes or disk drives.


The EaseUS Todo is the key feature of free backup space. This helps the user to backup all single folders, files, drivers, partitions and full systems. Moreover, users have the capability to upgrade the clone disk from smaller HDD to huge HDD. Simultaneously, the clone can be updated from HDD to SDD which performs highly well. This tool permits the user to get their system back to its actual state with a recovery bootable system.


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Clonezilla is open source backup software from Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition, based DRBL. The primary mechanism of the solution includes image partition, partial clone, and udpcast, as well as bare metal backup and recovery udpcast. There are two versions of Clonezilla are available: Clonezilla live for single machine backup and restore, and Clonezilla SE for a server. In addition to this, the tool saves and restores only used blocks in the hard disk.


FBackup gives an option between advanced modes and wizard modes. In this approach the backup jobs are created by users to compress the folders and files. Further, these are saved on local drive, network drive and portable disk. This backup data is scheduled up to date for the area of processing. While users have all actions to execute the previous and upcoming backup data to the specific place. In addition, this prefers to obtain an interface on multi-language solutions.

Mondo Rescue

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Mondo Rescue can perform backups from personal computers, workstations, or servers. The platform can backup Linux and Windows systems, including the boot sectors. Mondo Rescue also supports tapes, disks, network, and CD/DVD as backup media, multiple filesystems, LVM, software, and hardware. This software is primarily used as Linux backup and cloning tools. IT is packaged for multiple distributions, including Fedora, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Mandriva, RHEL, openSuSE, SLES, Debian, and Mageia.


Here, Iperius software is used for PCs and Servers backup processes. This holds two types of solutions such as business and advanced. Simultaneously, this software helps in back-uping data in a stable and reliable manner. It is software with a free version and no license expiration.

Paragon Backup & Recovery

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Paragon Backup & Recovery offers a wizard-based setup, and is highly customizable. Users can opt to back up their entire computer, partitions, select files and folders based on location, or files based on their type. Additionally, this software is not solely a backup tool; the platform provides a complete data management toolkit, as wells as a CD or USB-based recovery system that can be used to get your data back, even if you are unable to boot into Windows.


Advanced backup and archiving tools are available to you free of charge. This is not a comprehensive list of backup software.


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