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Our Best 2d Animation Software is a Free Android Application and app for Windows, Mac and Linux as well. This software offers you the possibility to create some great 2d animations for your own amusement or for more serious business applications that require high quality animations.

It started with anime in the 1920’s and now almost every work of art is influenced by it. The Best 2d Animation Software Free is one of the Best 2d Animation Software Free products before the Best 2d Animation Software Free, so it is not surprising that most people Don’t know about it. Anime Studio Debut 4 1.0.4 comes with some really neat features like multi-track video editing and motion tracking to give everyone access to high-end animation software that was once reserved for professional users.

 Animate CC

Animate CC is a tool that helps you to design interactive bitmap and vector animations for games, apps, and the web. You can add action to infographics and tutorials.


  • You can create new poses for vector images or figure.
  • It enables you to arrange your layers in a parent-child hierarchy.
  • It automatically matches mouth poses to voice inflections.
  • You can export 360 VR animations.
  • This tool allows you to create ads directly with Animate.
  • Export images with the right resolution by bypassing the image optimization and using image settings.


This free program uses a great little design where it gets rid of all the complicated mumbo jumbo that might intimidate animation amateurs. Its simple design is simple yet serves a great purpose.

It’s a no-frills kind of experience, but one where even the most newbie animator can draw and create videos. Pencil2D also has a great cross-platform capability.


SketchBook is a 2D animation application that enables you to animate your ideas with minimal effort. It offers more than 140 brushes to design your art. This program allows you to add unlimited layers that can be blend together.


  • Enables you to draw basic shapes like circle, rectangle, triangle, etc.
  • You can adjust the rules as per your desire.
  • Allows you to fill color into your artwork.
  • It enables you to import or export the layer as PSD (Photoshop Document).


This is entirely a web-based animation program. It’s a nifty, free little browser gem. It allows you to move scenery around, props, move your characters.

It’s primarily used by businesses to spice up their boring old meetings. But good on them for moving in the right direction!


Animaker is an online 2D animation tool that provides numerous animated characters, icons, properties, BGs, maps, and charts. It is one of the best 2D animation software that helps you to create an ideal video for your organization, presentation, freelancing projects, as well as personal projects.


  • You can create animated videos in 6 unique video styles like 2D, handcraft, whiteboard, infographics, 2.5 D, and typography.
  • Beginners can make videos and use them as both animation and animated presentations.
  • It is one of the best free 2D animation software that has 200 sound effects to choose.
  • This tool provides 100 background music tracks.
  • It enables you to record direct voice recordings.
  • Animaker allows the team to collaborate.
  • You can export video in full HD quality.

Adobe Flash

Ah, a classic! Back in the day, Adobe Flash ruled the animation world for beginners. Users worked day and night on their cartoon series, their fun games, and other media ideas using this program. It has a long history, and it has earned its reputation.

It’s still going strong in 2021, and you can still use it. But to be honest, I’d probably recommend one of the newer, more unique apps and software to start or continue your animation journey.

Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio is a powerful 2D animation editor that is available for iPhone, iPad, and macOS. It supports cameras from the most famous camera makers, including Canon, Nikon, and Sony.


  • It has a frame-by-frame view that shows you all the images in chronological order.
  • Stop Motion Studio allows you to set in and out points to mark a specific portion of your movie for playback and looping.
  • It comes with dozens of music clips and sound effects.
  • It has various painting tools to paint as you would on a traditional canvas.
  • This tool has a magic eraser to remove unwanted objects in the movie.
  • It helps you to design title and credit screens.
  • It provides a wide varieties of effects to change the look of your movie.


TupiTube is a software project focusing on the younger children’s market of animation. This is a much more casual program for animation. But sometimes, the more casual the better I say. It has great ease of access, with users being able to download it easily and get started making some videos.

Its versatility is great as well, as it can be seamlessly used between different platforms.

Its casualness may rub some more serious-minded animators the wrong way, and that’s why I’m lowering its score a bit. But if you have no idea what you’re doing at all, this software can’t steer you wrong.


Celaction is a professional 2D animation application for films, ad-commercials, and TV series. This tool helps you to handle complex projects with numerous layers with ease.


  • You can use bitmaps or vectors or both simultaneously.
  • It offers floating and dockable panels and user-definable workspace.
  • This tool provides the user to define shortcut keys.
  • You can create palate from more than 16 million colors.
  • It works on Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • You can convert vector shapes into deformable, morphable objects.

 CrazyTalk Animator

CrazyTalk Animator is a 2D animation product that enables you to turn images to control characters and animated characters. With this software, you can easily to generate lip-sync animation from audio.


  • It allows you to capture facial motion.
  • You can convert photoshop layers into 2D characters.
  • It provides motion path and timeline editing.
  • You can create interactive compound animations.
  • It supports up to 4K high definition monitors.
  • CrazyTalk Animator helps you to transform existing content into 360 heads with motion.


Create your own visual effects with MicroAnimation Inc.’s free 2d animation software. The software allows you to create standard 2d animations and visual effects, as well as 3D animated videos. Easy to use and powerful enough for anyone, the software can be downloaded in a single click. Get the best 2D animation software for free!


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